“Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving;” (Colossians 4:2)

Prayer, plain and simple, is communicating with God our Heavenly Father. Jesus instructed us to be persistent when we pray. The Apostle Paul said we need to pray without ceasing. We need to be careful that when we pray we are praying as if everything depends on God accepting our petition and acting on it. Prayer is more than just a quick text message to God or a voice mail message we leave to God, but sometimes we may approach God as if He were an imaginary friend. In the verse above, Paul is instructing the Colossian Christian in a proper attitude in prayer and to watch out for God’s message to you in the form of an answer.

There are three things in this verse that Paul believed were important in our prayer life. First, we are to “continue in prayer.” This means to keep talking to God. It does not mean that God needs to be prompted to listen to us. Continuing in prayer is what keeps our mind and heart fixed on God. Second, we are to “watch in the same.” After you pray, keep your spiritual eyes open and prepare to be amazed by God’s answer. Thirdly, we are to watch in the same “with thanksgiving.” Paul’s advice is to have a positive outlook as we give our prayer to the Lord, and go ahead and celebrate in advance. That’s where we pray with faith knowing that God will answer our prayer.

How confident are you that God will hear and answer your prayer? Are you confident enough to continue in prayer and watch for His answer with thankfulness?